what they are and what benefits they provide

Medical packages are currently one of the most important, if not the most important, benefits for employees on the labour market. Interestingly, it also brings benefits to the employer himself.
What is a medical subscription for employees?
A medical subscription, also called a package, is a product offered by a growing number of medical institutions. It can be purchased individually, but nowadays special company packages, which are bought in groups for all people working in a given place, are becoming more and more popular. Such care works on a lump sum basis. The employer pays in advance for access to services in a given medical centre. Employees can therefore use medical services free of charge, which are included in the subscription. The company’s services are paid for additionally, but usually the package holders have significant discounts amounting to several dozen percent.
Medical packages for companies – advantages of the solution
Employees currently value non-wage benefits such as the medical package. Thanks to the subscription for medical services, they can easily and quickly have a medical consultation with a specialist or perform a diagnostic examination. Waiting time for a visit to private institutions is not long, and you do not need a referral to a specialist at all. Most often, the package of services within a given subscription is quite large. In addition, the medical offer often allows the subscription to cover also the members of the immediate family of the employee. Medical package for definitely a sense of security.
Benefits for the employer
It turns out that the medical package is a considerable benefit also for the employer himself. Medical care increases the comfort of work, which translates into greater motivation and effectiveness of employees. By the way, the company improves its image on the market and increases its trust. It is easier for the company to attract new, valuable employees. It is worth remembering that medical care costs for companies can be added to the tax deductible costs.
However, how to choose the right offer, when the competition in this field is large? In this case, you can use a special company comparing medical packages. Thanks to this, you can find a subscription tailored to the needs and principles of operation of the company, which, contrary to appearances, is not so easy.
Medical packages for companies in practice
Medical packages are a proposal addressed to companies of different sizes. Individual subscriptions differ in the scope of prices and services. Thanks to that you can choose the best offer in a given case. The basic offers usually include occupational health examinations, internist visits and discounts on other services.