What or who is BABCI needed for happiness Let’s get to know each other after sixty years of age

Is it still appropriate to fall in love at the age of 60+? Shouldn’t we have more than half a century to “slow down and grow old with dignity”? Are we still allowed to make love with all the privileges of this state, feel the “butterflies in our stomachs”, run around on dates and devote time to our beloved person? Or maybe it is no longer this moment and the good of the family and society should be given priority by faithfully serving them, and their needs should be given priority over their own? At this age, should we forget about our femininity, about us?
Women’s goals in the 60s
Should single people in their 60s look for love? – Such a question was asked by the matrimonial service to its users. What did the questioned people aged 18-100 answer? 96% of women and 89% of men know what is most important in life and definitely says: yes, everyone has the right to love, age does not matter! It turns out that women – though only a little bit – are more courageous and modern in this regard and speak openly I will get to know you. They definitely dissociate themselves from the pattern that was in force until recently and do not want to be grandmothers in warm slippers that sit in a rocking chair with wires and a yarn in their hands. They also do not want to forget about themselves and sacrifice themselves only for others, completely forgetting about their own needs – as if they did not exist and could not be independent and self-constructing individuals. They know perfectly well that Polish women are multi-tasking and hit women. They will easily reconcile being a wonderful grandmother and being… a wonderful partner. 3% of women do not yet have a clear view in this respect, but fortunately less than 1% believe that it is too late for love at this age, because a woman has the right to live only by serving, and what a man he is is is precisely what he helps and does for others.
Gentlemen after 60 went on the offensive
But are you gentlemen lagging far behind? Is retired love not in their heads and they consider progress a necessary evil? Until recently, it was women who led the way in the search for a partner on portals like let’s get to know each other. Definitely more women than men registered in search of online love. Mature women quickly discovered the possibilities offered by the Internet. However, this caused a sad truth for them: they had a lot of competition among their peers, as there were on average half as many men. According to inexorable mathematics, they had to compete with other women. Surprisingly, they were not discouraged by this, on the contrary: they did not waste time, they often took the proverbial “first step”. A few years ago, gentlemen were reluctant to fill out their online profiles in order to find a permanent partner. In the last few years (2010-2017) there has been a greater commitment and improvement in men’s profile filling, self-discipline and computer skills. They also discovered the Internet as a place where it is much easier to find a suitable partner, which in turn made it easier for women to choose. Gentlemen are currently also much more careful in this female-male game.
Let’s get to know each other in the USA or abroad
There’s nothing left to say but: Let’s get to know each other! Hmmm… easy to say? But is it really easy and safe? What is stopping women who have not yet decided to seek love this way? Sometimes it is the family or loved ones who keep repeating the slogans. More often than not, however, they are fears of dangers, about which more has been said in recent years, or sad experiences. That is why it is worth choosing a reliable service that boasts good opinions and trust of customers. What should you pay attention to? It is worthwhile to consciously choose a professional service, find out whether it guarantees protection of images – the possibility of showing them to selected candidates, cooperation with the admin and warning in case of fraud detection and the possibility of blocking Users who for some reason are not interested in us. It would also be good if he offered professional tools for selecting offers so that our chances for love would grow. And what if among our compatriots we do not find the dream one? This is where the proven international matrimonial service with the offer of Poles or foreigners comes in. We can decide to look for a foreign partner who will be happy to meet a Polish woman. Polish women are famous all over the world as one of the most beautiful, resourceful and enterprising also in love and warm women.