What is the evidence of chest pain

Perceptible chest pain can have many different causes, not necessarily related to the heart itself. One thing is certain – a doctor’s appointment is always necessary.
There are several types of chest pain. It can be pressure pain, glandular pain or pain similar to a prick, and if it is not a result of muscle strain after the gym – you should immediately contact a doctor.
Often, the cause of such ailments may be the beginning of coronary artery disease. How to recognize it? It is pain located in the middle-zamostal part of the chest and often radiating to the arms, neck and shoulders. The feeling of pain is characteristic of oppression, sometimes even throttling.
Pain in this part of the body is often caused by stress and does not necessarily mean heart disease. This type of pain is also associated with heart palpitations or numbness in the limbs. It is possible that it is a so-called heart neurosis. If the doctor finds that the pain is caused by stress, he or she will order treatment with sedatives or psychotherapy.
The ailments, as well as their causes, are always different and must be examined individually, because the possible reasons for their occurrence are the whole list. Degenerative changes in the spine, such as pain in the area of the heart during coughing or deep breathing, may indicate, for example, nerve pressure in the area of the spine.
A common cause of chest pain is an approaching heart attack. Unfortunately, this is a sign of our times, and a heart attack can affect even people at a young age. The cause is usually an unhealthy lifestyle – smoking, lack of physical activity, stress or untreated diabetes. Any pain in the area of the heart, especially in the area of the heart, should be a warning for us against serious illness and a signal to arrange a medical appointment.