Tinnitus in the ears where does it come from

Tinnitus is not caused by any sounds and has no effect on hearing. This is an acoustic phenomenon that can only be heard by the person concerned. It makes a person unable to rest, sleep and work. Many people are accompanied by fear, which stems from the belief that noise is the beginning of a serious headache – they are forced to take psychotropic drugs to deal with their fear.
Almost every person experiences periodic ringing in their ears and usually it is temporary and inconvenient. However, when the noises start to last longer, they cause anxiety. The appearance of noise can be caused by serious hearing problems, such as hearing nerve neuroma, abnormal bone deposits in the middle ear, hearing trumpet failure and chronic purulent middle ear inflammation. Tinnitus also occurs when the inner ear is clogged with wax or foreign objects. They also appear after prolonged noise (machines, concerts, etc.).
Tinnitus is also caused by:
low blood clotting,
drug abuse,
a lot of stress.
The simplest way of treatment is habituation, i.e. habituation. The human brain is so plastic that it can learn to ignore the noise in the ears – just like, for example, the residents of an airport or railway station housing estate get used to the noise after some time and are able to fall asleep normally.
There are many methods of therapy, but there is no one that would be effective and appropriate for every type of tinnitus. However, doctors recommend that you avoid silence, regardless of the type of noise, because it becomes even louder. When you go to bed, you can put a quietly playing radio next to the bed, which will help you to drown out the sounds in your head.
Broadband noise generators are also used to jam noise, which emit the so-called white noise, so quiet that it is not able to jam other sounds and is not heard by the environment. White noise “teaches” our hearing centres to get used to disturbing sounds. A tinnitus sufferer wears a tinnitus generator 8 hours a day, just like a hearing aid. Follow-up visits to the doctor are necessary for this therapy. You do not have to be discouraged by the fact that the effects are not immediately visible – the first of them appear only after several weeks of therapy, but they are very satisfactory.