The safest headphones for sport

We’re talking about listening to music that motivates you to act. In some sports it is impossible, because nobody would like not to hear the car coming when we have headphones on our ears. Fortunately, there is a solution for this.Company manufactures headphones with bone conductivity. How does it work? They use skull bones as a system of resonators – this phenomenon is called bone conduction. Thanks to putting the skull bone in proper vibrations, the sound is transmitted to our inner ear. The headphones are worn at cheekbone level and the sound is transmitted by vibrations, so the ear is completely exposed.
Thanks to this, we do not lose contact with the environment and can listen to music, riding a bike and hearing all the incoming cars. It is worth noting that you do not have to worry about the cable, because the headphones work wirelessly. They are ready to play for up to 6 hours on a full battery, so no training is terrible for them. Besides, they are resistant to sweat and minor splashes, so during the rain do not need to be removed (we assume that the rain is not an obstacle for you e.g. when running). The headband is not only lightweight, but also flexible. What is important, you can use it without any problems, even under the helmet. And that’s not all – with the multifunction button you can answer phone calls, which will surely be appreciated by new users soon. This feature is often used by drivers who talk on the phone without holding it in their hands and hear other cars if necessary.
The possibilities of using headphones are really many. In addition to athletes, they are often used by mothers who can listen to music while walking with a pram without losing sight of their child. Everything depends on your creativity, and the manufacturer took care of technical issues.