The highest located restaurant in the world

Recently we wrote about the highest located swimming pool in the world. Now it’s time to present the record-breaking restaurant record in this field. It is located on the 122nd floor of the world’s largest building – Burj Khalifa in Dubai – and is called Atmosphere. It was designed by the famous architect Adam Tihany.
Situated 422 metres above the ground, the restaurant is capable of serving 210 people at the same time. It welcomed its first gourmets on 23 January 2011. There are served light cooked or grilled dishes, to which you can taste delicious drinks and excellent wines. While browsing the menu, you can get dizzy, because for this sky-high meal you need to spend between 40 and 90 euros. The owners hope that the restaurant will be used not only by visitors to the building, but also by guests of the hotel Armani, which will start its operations on 27 April.
I think that the time spent on the realization of the ordered dish can only be a pleasure. In addition to enjoying the meal, we also have a wonderful view of Dubai.