The furniture industry, as one of the most resilient in the country

The furniture industry is one of the most dynamic and developing industries in Poland at present. We are talking about so-called hard furniture, i.e. all kinds of kitchen buildings, living room and dining room furniture, as well as upholstered furniture, i.e. sofas, corners, and bedroom beds. Currently, southern Wielkopolska is considered to be a furniture basin. The largest number of furniture factories is located there. Along with the development of the furniture manufacturing industry, all other industries that have direct and indirect contact with this production are also developing. An inseparable element of every piece of furniture is furniture accessories, without which the simplest piece of furniture would not be possible. Therefore, every furniture accessory shop that operates in the vicinity of furniture factories has a chance to be quite successful, and thus to increase its turnover and earn a high income. Unfortunately, in the vicinity of furniture factories, such a furniture accessory shop has to reckon with the fact that there is no monopoly in the area and it will not be the only such shop in the area.

Therefore, an entrepreneur selling furniture accessories must, first of all, have a rich offer, be up-to-date with current trends in the furniture industry and compete on price.
A furniture entrepreneur, like any other entrepreneur, is most willing to support local subcontractors, but on condition that cooperation between them is mutually beneficial. Therefore, if the local shop is not well equipped or does not have competitive prices, such an entrepreneur will prefer to import furniture accessories from outside the region. However, it is not the case that the seller is to sell his goods at a low price just because the customer requires it. The areas that are developing as dynamically as furniture accessories are, among others, upholstery fabric manufacturers, polyurethane foam manufacturers, carpentry companies that make frames for upholstered furniture.

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