Sphinx Observatory Switzerland

When you are in Switzerland, you must not forget this place. The Sphinx Observatory is the highest building in Europe and its views will be remembered forever.
The Observatory is located in Jungfraujoch – the pass in the Bernese Alps – in Switzerland, and its altitude of 3,571 meters above sea level makes it the highest located building in Europe. It was opened in 1931 as part of a research station with four laboratories and an astronomical dome for scientific experiments at this altitude. The average air temperature in this place is -8.2 ┬░ C.
The easiest way to get to the top is by train, but this trip is not recommended for those with a weak heart. The whole adventure can start on the platform in Bern – from there the route to the bottom of the Alps takes about 45 minutes. From the Interlaken Ost railway station at an altitude of 367 m, it only takes three hours to get to the station at 3500 m. The route will then take about 45 minutes to get to the bottom of the Alps. There, an elevator hollowed out in the rock awaits persistent travellers and takes them to the viewing platform. While visitors are welcome here, they must descend from the summit before dark, as the accommodation is reserved for scientists only.