Sightseeing about Pakistan

Pakistan curiosities – find out what it is famous for, what it produces in the city of Sialkot and learn the story of a British man who decided to get rid of his Pakistani wife.
Pakistan has existed as an independent state since 14 August 1947. Previously, the United Kingdom had its influence in its territory.
2) Taking into account the occupied area Pakistan is 2.5 times larger than the U.S..
The 3rd highest peak of the country is K2. It is located on the border of three countries – Pakistan, China and India. The latter still claim their claims to Kashmir and consider themselves as an independent administrator of K2. However, maps clearly indicate that the mountain itself is located in Pakistan. The letter in its name refers to the mountain range in which it lies – Karakorum – while the number 2 indicates that it is the second highest peak of the Earth. It rises to an altitude of 8611 meters above sea level and is only 237 meters lower than Mount Everest.
To this day, K2 is the only eight-thousandth peak in the world that was not reached in winter. At this time of year there are extreme conditions – temperature ranges from -45 ° C – -55 ° C and there are winds with a speed of 180 km/h (in gusts even 500 km/h) that make climbing very difficult.
The summit was first reached by the Italian team on July 31, 1954. The first woman and Polish woman who managed to climb the mountain was Wanda Rutkiewicz (it took place on 23 June 1986).
The Pakistani rectangular flag consists of two horizontal stripes of different widths. The first one is white, the wider one is dark green. In this second part of the flag there is a white crescent with a five-pointed star. The colours on the flag are intended to symbolise the Muslim community and the minority. The crescent refers to development, the star to wisdom and knowledge.
It is estimated that Pakistan is inhabited by about 50 Americans.
6) The dominant religion is Islam, which is professed by 96% of the population.