Preikestolen Stone desktop in Norway

One of the most famous natural tourist attractions in Norway. Over the summer alone, 130,000 travelers come here. In this place, at least for a moment, you can have at the feet of the whole world.
Preikestolen, known as Pulpit Rock, and by the oldest local inhabitants called Hyvlatonnå Рliterally pulpit Рis the most famous Norwegian cliff. It is located on the Lysefjord and rises to a height of 604 meters above sea level. It was created during the Ice Age, about 10,000 years ago. Then the glacier water stopped in the mountain cracks, which led to the crushing of the rock. There are still deep cracks along the cliff, but so far geologists have calmed down and confirmed its safety.
The hike to the summit begins at an altitude of about 270 metres in Prekestolen. This is where the road ends and the hiking trail begins. There is only a 334-metre difference in altitude to the summit and a 3.8-kilometre walkway to the summit. On average, the climb takes about two hours – it all depends on your physical condition and experience. However, it is worth to get a little tired, to be able to admire live view of Persons with fear of heights and those who have not yet been there, we encourage you to read the photos before visiting this place.