Prada shop in the middle of nowhere Prada Marfa

The center of western Texas, the desert, the roasting sun, sand and… Prada shop. A bit of an unusual combination, but very real.
Actually, it’s not a shop because we won’t do the shopping in it. It can also be embarrassing to go inside. Prada Marfa is nothing more than a sculpture in the shape of a kiosk – its dimensions 4.6 m by 7.6 m. It is located on the US Route 90 road, about 2 km from the nearest village of Valentine and 60 km from the nearest town of Marfa, from which it took its name. The building was built on October 1, 2005 and was designed by a duo of artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset. Local sludge bricks and biodegradable substances were used. The whole project cost 80,000 dollars.
The artists wanted the object to erode slowly until it disappeared and returned to its natural landscape. They did not foresee any repairs. However, they had to be repaired on the third day after the sculpture was finished, because it was spray painted, and the contents of the inside – 6 bags and 14 right-handed shoes – were gone. After this event, an anti-burglary alarm was installed and the bags in the exhibition do not have a bottom.
We have to warn everyone willing to “shop” in this place. There is an interesting conspiracy theory that this sculpture is not a sculpture at all, but a trap set by strangers. This place is supposed to attract potential victims, so be careful!
For the less brave we have photos.