Planning to rent a car for your vacation Take a look at our guide

Summer and holidays are approaching in great steps – the time of travel for small and big ones. More and more people decide to rent a car for vacation. What to keep in mind and what to pay attention to…
Are you planning to rent a car for a holiday? Take a look at our guide!
Summer and holidays are approaching in great steps – the time of travel is small and big. More and more people decide to rent a car for holidays. What should you keep in mind and what should you pay attention to when using car rental services?
Number of passengers and luggage
Often the first factor that we take into account when renting a car is the price. A clear city car will be much cheaper than a large estate car – or is it enough? The choice of a vehicle to rent should depend mainly on how many people you are in and how long you intend to travel. Sometimes it is better to pay a few USD extra and enjoy the comfort and extra space for luggage.
Of course, a weekend trip with your beloved person will quietly suffice us a small city car. In the case of a weekly family trip the estate car is definitely a better choice. If you plan to visit a group of several people, it is worth considering renting a spacious van – it is a cheaper solution than renting two cars from the lower segment.
Time of travel and planning
Holidays are connected with traveling – but not only for you, but also for millions of other people. If you know the exact date of your trip, it is advisable to book a suitable vehicle in advance. Let’s assume that you are going to Katowice for business purposes at the end of July. You are going to the nearest car rental company, but because of the high traffic, the one will only offer you vehicles from the high segment, and as a result you will pay more unnecessarily. Instead of being limited in your choice of cars, plan your trip in advance and book your car in advance. Anyway, it is always worth choosing car rental companies with a large fleet of vehicles, such as ABCO Rent a Car from Krakow.
Insurance and contractual terms and conditions
Insurance is a very important issue before every journey, especially when the car does not belong to us, but to the rental company. By purchasing additional insurance to relieve you from your own contribution to the damage, you will save yourself the possible expenses in the event of an accident and above all unnecessary nerves.
Remember to read the rental agreement and car rental regulations carefully. Also check all the information about the return of the vehicle and possible additional costs, such as kilometers driven over the set daily or declared limit.
The last but very important advice – before signing the contract, read carefully the actual technical condition of the car. Check the condition of your tyres and oil level to reduce the risk of failure while using your car. If necessary (e.g. scratches on the bodywork) take photos of the vehicle from each side and attach them to the handover protocol – this way you will be sure that you will not be wrongly accused of pre-existing defects.