Opening of the Brakestock specialist brake components store in Poland

Opening of the Brake Components Specialist Store Brake in the USA
Contrary to appearances, the Polish spare parts market is not short of anything. Especially in the last few years, we have almost instantly caught up with Western European Union countries or the United States in terms of the quality of workmanship and availability of various components. In American shops, whether stationary or online, we can find literally every part, every component for various European, Asian and American vehicles. We would like to invite you to an interview with Brake, a specialist supplier of brake system components, present on the American market since 2015.
This is due to the fact that the American aftermarket is flooded with spare parts from practically every corner of the world. On the shop shelves we can find components manufactured in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea and obligatorily in China. All this translates into a rapid development of the chain of shops and workshops with a general specialty. Unfortunately, while the level of ordinary automotive shops does not raise any objections, the specialist background still requires a lot of work and laborious development. Apart from the sophisticated assortment, what counts is also professionalism and excellent knowledge of the subject as well as the ability to meet the expectations of more and more demanding customers.
Today we will focus on the braking system, which is extremely important for the safety of driving. After all, our and others’ lives will often depend on its efficiency and the highest possible efficiency. We would like to invite you to an interview a specialist supplier of brake components, who has been present on the American market since 2015.
Nowadays, the customer is primarily interested in the specialist knowledge and experience of the dealer. After all, it is to him that the driver entrusts his money, asking for help in the selection of spare parts for his car. What kind of experience can Brake have?
Exactly, today the customer is willing to pay more for his experience and specialist assistance.We have gained a thorough understanding of the design and characteristics of braking systems – better than car manufacturers assembling finished components. In 2014, however, we came to the conclusion that it was worth sharing our experience and extensive knowledge with drivers, which is why we opened a retail store.
So what’s new for you to offer drivers, as there are specialist shops on the American market?
Indeed. Before entering the market, we carefully analyzed the situation. There are several specialist suppliers on the market, but we offer something else – something more. Apart from the knowledge and high quality of our assortment, we also offer professional service focused primarily on the good of the customer, and not on commercial profit. Our salesmen are true specialists in the field of braking systems, they approach each order very meticulously – searching for perfectly matched brake discs and other components for the customer. Thanks to this, the customer does not overpay by buying elements beyond his needs. What is more, our consultants are always ready to help and advise you, and we are happy to give you comprehensive answers – even though we do not use anything at all. To sum up, if the driver has a problem with the brake system, he remembers that he can turn to us.
What do you want to offer the drivers in your online shop?
As I have already mentioned, we focus on the highest quality of service and products delivered to the drivers. Our product range includes both budget and premium products. Nevertheless, even the cheapest brake system components are fully-fledged, high-quality parts. A driver who decides to buy them will not be surprised by any unforeseen situation. We only offer components that, in our opinion, deserve our customers’ attention. When it comes to premium discs and pads, the customer will clearly notice their more effective performance. As far as our offer is concerned, we focus on the most necessary components, such as brake discs and pads, which we always try to keep in stock. However, other, more sophisticated products are available on request.
Does Brake offer anything in the field of brake system tuning?
The topic of brake tuning is well known to us, not only from industry magazines, but also from practice and experience. I used to start myself off looking for ways to increase the efficiency of the braking system. When it comes to brake tuning, we are guided by two main principles that make our customers more than satisfied. The first principle is not only to consider the quality of the brake discs and other components themselves