Opel spoiled twomass wheel means goodbye to the cash register

Opel spoiled two-mass wheel – goodbye to money!
According to estimates, every fourth car gliding on the roads of the Old World is equipped with a two mass wheel. It is only a seemingly uncomplicated part.
It consists of two movable discs mounted on a bearing (one connected to the engine, the other to the gearbox) and a complex spring mechanism dampening torsional vibrations. Without such an invention, the vibrations of the engine would be unbearable, and the driver releasing the clutch would feel solid jerks. Current diesel engines are characterized by high torque, which creates the need to reduce the resulting vibrations, which in turn, unfortunately, has an impact on the life of the two-mass wheel. This element is therefore faced with a more serious task than an ordinary flywheel. It must effectively suppress strong vibrations generated during the operation of the drive system. These vibrations are mainly a natural consequence of the non-uniform operation of a four-stroke engine. Two masses have a direct influence on the efficiency of the gearbox, because it is on it that the vibrations are transmitted. Synchronizers are also susceptible to vibration. At stake is therefore the protection of individual parts against faster wear and tear, ensuring greater harmony in engine operation, as well as providing better driving comfort. The use of this element is also a few percent reduction in fuel consumption.
So, disturbing sounds coming from where the factory placed the two masses and gearbox problems can be a signal that something is wrong with the wheel. And it can happen quite quickly, because even after driving a few tens of thousands of kilometers. A failure of a two-mass wheel usually means that there is a need to deplete the bank account. Belongs to this group of parts that cannot be repaired. Therefore, the only solution is to buy a new, or possibly a slightly cheaper replacement if we manage to find one. Such a purchase, as well as paying the bill from the mechanic, is an expense of several thousand USD. As you can see, this more technologically advanced solution costs much more than a traditional clutch. Therefore, the purchase of a used diesel car is sometimes burdened with a certain risk in terms of the efficiency of a two-mass wheel. It is worth remembering to avoid unpleasant surprises. The high cost of replacing a twin mass wheel means that even during the warranty period, retailers sometimes try to get away with it. Many drivers have heard that the malfunction was caused by an incorrect driving technique. If there are no grounds for such an argument, one should at least try to fight to cover the repair costs in accordance with the warranty. So how to take care of a two-mass wheel? Above all, avoid sharp starts and aggressive driving styles associated with frequent and sudden overloads on the drive train.
To sum up, the dual mass wheel concept is usually very much appreciated by car dealers, who convincingly emphasize the modernity of such a solution. In fact, this mechanism has its advantages, but one cannot remain honest about its disadvantages. The relatively high failure rate and high repair costs make it a nuisance for many drivers to have a “two-man” instead of a blessing. It is certainly not a solution for fans of starting out with a squeak of tires.