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At the beginning of 2013, the smallest General Motors child was born and baptized with the name Adam. At first glance, the style of this Opel differs from that of most passenger cars. This is a city car…
Opel Adam – Opinions, evaluations, tests
At the beginning of 2013, the smallest General Motors child was born and baptized with the name Adam. At first glance, the style of this Opel differs from that of most passenger cars.
This city car is distinguished by its distinctive rounded shapes, retro-style style and sporty flair. Apart from the strongly separated roof, the attention is drawn especially to the quite original sharp rear and specific side lines. One is at the bottom of the door of this two-door model, and the other begins on the handle, narrowing down to the rear lamp. In general, a car with its length of 370 centimetres may seem a bit short, but it was supposed to be a small machine.
The designers had to get along well with the marketing experts, because people interested in buying Adam have an unusual possibility of a far-reaching, independent configuration of the car. Three basic styling versions were prepared: SLAM, JAM and GLAM. Everyone who visited the official website of the project was certainly interested in the virtual game of independent stylist. Thanks to flash technology, in the next steps we can choose, among others, mirror housings, body and roof colours, as well as patterns and colours of aluminium rims. Evidence that the creators of the Opel Adam are not melancholics provides the colors of this vehicle. This is a whole range of bright colours, although of course there are also versions for lovers of white or night colour. The choice of ready-made styling packages is quite impressive, and everyone should find something for themselves. Similarly, we will choose the type and power of the engine, complete alarms, ashtrays, organizer, heated mirrors and other practical accessories. To meet the expectations of even more demanding customers, a number of accessories have been prepared, and examples include high quality body protection films, stylish covers and handles to carry luggage on the roof. Each selected option displays its price list or information that a given element is already included in the price. In summary, we see not only clear tables with technical data, but also the total recommended cost, tailored to our needs and possibilities.
Adam’s interior is also a breath of fresh air and style tailored to individual taste. Regardless of the chosen version of upholstery, headliners or dashboard pattern, the strong point of this car is the selection of excellent materials. Clear, round clocks, perfectly profiled steering wheel, illuminated elements and chrome details make the most positive impression. It is worth noting the carefully designed cab lighting, which is not only impressive, but also very practical for the driver. The comfort is provided by seats filled with thick foam and heated. Another unique addition affecting the climate of the interior is a glass window in the roof, an option that will surely find many fans. Vendors also praise the innovative multimedia system IntelliLink. This device with a seven-inch touch screen display has a number of functions, such as radio, telephone, car navigation, mp3 player and more. It can be controlled in several ways, including buttons on the steering wheel or even by voice. The system can be freely customized and it is an interesting idea for fans of this type of gadgets.
Daytime running lights work thanks to LED technology, which provides better visibility and you are a brother with ecology. Adam is also not a vehicle for risk-takers, because the designers have worked hard on safety. Particularly noteworthy here is the triple airbag system and quite rare double seat belt pretensioners.
How does the Adam’s heart beat? The power of the engines in a car of this type cannot be impressive. The manufacturer offers models equipped with petrol engines with 70, 87 or 100 hp and five-speed manual transmissions. The maximum speed specified in the catalogue is 165, 176 and 185 kilometres per hour, respectively. Depending on the engine, the car burns one hundred from 5 to 5.5 litres of fuel. Therefore, driving dynamics goes hand in hand with economy.
Who was this car designed for? For everyone who likes this concept of a car, who does not travel with a large family and likes easy parking, who can say about himself that he is from the city and wants to spend just over 50 thousand USD.