Monaco trivia

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world in terms of territory. It consists of only four districts, and New York’s Central Park is twice as big.
On its territory, cars travel on 50 kilometers of roads and the railway line is 2 kilometers long.
3 Electricity is imported entirely from France.
At the coast stretches the so-called Promenade of Champions, where the world’s most famous footballers have imprinted their feet. During the walk you can try your feet on the feet of Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Maradona.
There are hardly any traffic lights on the roads in this country. Most drivers drive quite carefully.
Monaco belongs to the so-called tax havens. The rulers do not impose any income tax on their residents, while other taxes are very low.
On average, one meter of a flat costs about 20,000 euros.
The border of this country with France stretches for 4.4 kilometres and the coastline is another 4.1 kilometres. The whole country can be walked around in less than three hours.
9th For the use of residents and arriving tourists have been handed over several elevators (sometimes hollowed out in the rock), which transport between different levels of the city.