Meat dishes ideal for barbecue

Nothing can replace the time spent with family and friends. If we invite our guests to join us, all we need to do is to eat delicious grilled dishes. Apart from traditional sausage, pork neck and black pudding, it is worth to take care of appetizers and other dishes in which the whole company tastes delicious. Here are our suggestions!
Gyros salad
A gyros chicken salad is a real classic. It is tasty, easy to prepare and looks great on the table. The basis for a successful salad are expressive spices such as ready-made gyros spice mix and chopped garlic. Start by dicing, pouring oil and seasoning the raw chicken fillets. To make the meat taste better, you can put it in the fridge for an hour, but this is not necessary. Then fry the chicken until golden brown and let it cool down. You can leave them partly covered so that they don’t dry out. During this time you should take care of preparing the remaining additions. Cut the pepper and cucumber into cubes, the onion and Chinese cabbage into thin strips. In a transparent salad dressing pan, lay in layers: meat, onion, a thin layer of ketchup, cucumbers, corn, mayonnaise, paprika and Chinese cabbage. Of course, the order can be freely modified, everything depends on our creativity. Enjoy!
Young cabbage with sausage and dill
In spring and summer it is worth to enjoy the gifts of nature, and one of them is young cabbage, which perfectly matches the meat dishes from the barbecue. Young cabbage with sausage is a bit more labour-intensive than gyros salad, but we assure you that it is really worth spending some time preparing it. The head of the cabbage should be washed and shredded. Then stew it in water over low heat under cover. Cabbage tastes best with fried onion and sausage. Meat can be cut into thick cubes and put directly into the pot or fried together with the onion. Once the cabbage is soft, it is time to start preparing the roux. Just dissolve butter in a frying pan and pour flour over it. Mix for a while and then pour in the cabbage broth. Combine all together and add finely chopped dill. The cabbage can be seasoned with salt and pepper as desired.
Grilled beef entrecote, served with grilled courgettes
If you are preparing a barbecue, we cannot forget about the main dishes, so we present an exquisite dish, which is a grilled beef entrecote with courgettes. This is a real treat for lovers of good meat. Before we start preparing, remember to remove the steaks from the fridge at least 30 minutes before grilling. After this time, salt the meat on both sides and sprinkle with oil. Depending on the degree of frying we want to obtain, grill from 2 to 5 minutes on each side. Then prepare the courgette. Cut it into longitudinal slices with a peeler or mandolin and grill on both sides until it blushes slightly. The dish will be complemented by carefully selected spices. In this case we will use chili peppers, mint, coriander and fresh spring onions. Arrange grilled steaks and courgettes on a plate. The meat can be cut into smaller pieces. Add all the herbs, pour olive oil and sprinkle with lemon juice. Steaks with courgettes taste best served with Garlic Wine Sauce.
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