Manual or cupboard Choose the best blender for you

A healthy dish, including delicious cocktails, can be prepared from a variety of products quickly and easily using a blender. Such dishes successfully replace our classic meals, besides, they can be even better than them. They contain less calories, are easily and quickly prepared. The blender used to prepare them can be easily washed under running water. Besides, modern blender tips are made of materials that can be washed in dishwashers. Remember not to place or generally wash the motor part of your blender – if you get dirty, just wipe it with a damp cloth. Maintenance and cleaning will not be a problem for anyone, as the blender has been designed to provide maximum comfort.
Additional accessories for the hand blender
If the blender is equipped with different ends, we have more possibilities to prepare different and varied dishes. There is always an option to buy specific tips, but you should take into account the fact that they will be more expensive, and in addition, they may not always match the model of our blender. It will be very useful to have additional accessories, such as containers, thanks to which a hand blender can be used in the same way as a cup blender. If there are blending blades (preferably made of steel) in the container, the blender will work the same way as the blender. Different tips will also be useful if you want to use a blender to foam milk, knead the dough, beat the egg whites, etc. The blender will work just like a blender.
We don’t need to have a huge kitchen robot that will take up a lot of space in our kitchen. Just a modest blender, which may be less powerful than a very expensive kitchen robot, but whose capabilities are still invaluable. We will always have it at hand and with it we can quickly prepare dinner or dessert.
Cup and hand blender – specificity
The hand-held blender is comfortable, fits any hand and, as mentioned above, is easy to clean. It also takes up very little space and can always be stored in a drawer or cabinet.
We have a choice between plastic or steel blenders. The former are much cheaper, but also less resistant (especially to high temperatures), difficult to clean, prone to discoloration. Blenders made of steel are more expensive and weigh more, but they are more efficient and resistant to high temperatures.
The cupboard blender is large and usually occupies a fixed place in our kitchen, we cannot store it in a cupboard (and even more so in a drawer), because we can’t fit it there. It’s so much easier to use that we don’t have to keep it in our hands all the time, only while it’s working, we can do something else. We distinguish between cup blenders made of plastic, acrylic or glass. The best and most resistant is the glass cup.
Which blender should I choose?
Choosing a blender is, against all appearances, a tough decision. Each of these devices has its own advantages and disadvantages. The hand blender is cheaper and, above all, it is small in size, so it will certainly be a better choice for a smaller kitchen or if you travel frequently and want to take your equipment with you. However, the cup blender will take up more space, but also largely does the work itself and we do not have to supervise it all the time.