Manpupuner huge rock formations

They emerge from the ground like the fingers of a giant monster. There are seven of them in total. Where did they come from? This is not entirely clear.
The rock formations of Manpupuner, also known as “Seven Strong Men”, are a set of seven giant stone pillars of varying shapes. They are located in the northern part of the Ural mountains, more precisely in the Troitsko-Pechorsky district of the Komi Republic. Although they are considered to be one of the seven wonders of Russia, they are not very well known outside its borders. As a tourist attraction it is mainly visited by Russians. The rocks protruding from the ground are from 30 to 42 meters high.
Around Manpupuner – which in Mansi means “small mountains of Gods”. – many myths and fairy tales have been created over the years. It is not possible to fully determine how these extraordinary monoliths were created, but there are some theories.
According to one of them, we have to go back 200-300 million years, when the mountain stood here. Over time, it has been eroded by rain, wind, frost and other meteorological phenomena. Very slowly, but in the end seven columns were built, which have survived to this day.
Local legend has it that the stone pillars were the giant dawn of the Samoyeds, who walked across Siberia to destroy the Vogulsky people. However, seeing the sacred mountains of Vogulsky, the shaman leader of the giants dropped his drum, and the whole team froze in place.
Apart from legends, rock monuments attract rock climbers as well as rock climbers. According to experts, this is impossible due to its varied shape.