Living room with dining room how to arrange

The appearance of a flat is usually the result of several factors. The decisive factor is our taste, expectations as to the functionality of individual rooms, as well as inspirations drawn from various sources. For several years now, it has been fashionable to combine a kitchen with a dining room, thanks to which – even in small flats – we gain additional space.
It is worth remembering that the common functioning of the kitchen and dining room must be preceded by planning not only the utility values of these rooms, but also the aesthetic ones. They should create a uniform architectural style that will build individual elements of the decor.
Combining styles
As mentioned at the beginning, when combining a kitchen, i.e. a typical utility room, with a dining room, which already plays a more representative role, it is necessary to use common decorative elements. Making kitchen furniture to measure allows you to choose their color, texture and arrangement of cabinets. The type of worktop is also important. And it can be a combination of utility and living room style.
It is enough to choose a table top made of natural stone, e.g. granite, and use the same raw material in the dining room as a window sill, shelf or table top. Thanks to this combination, we will eliminate the clear border between a utility kitchen and an elegant dining room. Quick cash will allow you to finance unplanned expenses related to the purchase of stone countertops.
Unbearable smells
There are many cooking smells in the kitchen. It is worth to think about this issue already at the stage of designing the kitchen and dining room layout. To avoid the unpleasant smell of frying or sliced onion throughout the room, you should invest in a good quality hood, which connected to the ventilation system will effectively deal with these nuisances. An effective air exchange prevents odours from passing to the dining area. It is worth taking advantage of the possibilities offered by quick cash to buy a hood with a few working speeds, which will allow you to flexibly adjust its performance to our needs.
It is also important to remove all cooking debris on an ongoing basis. It is worth investing in a grinder mounted in a sink, which had peelings or lunch debris thrown in it. The device discharges all the waste together with water to the sewage system, which makes us get rid of the potential source of unpleasant odors.
Order and cleanliness
Decorating the kitchen and dining room together is also a necessity to purchase, with the use of e.g. quick cash option, appropriate cabinets that will allow you to hide spices, pots and kitchen appliances. We have to remember that we have one space at our disposal, so the disorder left in the kitchen will also disfigure the appearance of the dining room.
The ideal solution is furniture designed to order. Deciding on this option, we choose the color of the furniture, their shape and type of hardware. We can plan the development so that it is a spacious storage space, while maintaining a unique and fashionable appearance.
When designing a kitchen with a dining room, we must remember that we combine two rooms for different purposes. The kitchen is a technical place where dishes are prepared, while the dining room is more representative. Appropriate arrangement of furniture, attention to detail combining the styles of these two places, as well as proper ventilation will make it easy for us to enjoy one large space where we will cook and eat meals.