Learning through fun

In this day and age of advanced electronics, children have dozens of distractions around them from an early age. Cell phones, laptops and other equipment often distract children from spending their free time using classic toys, which are very good at teaching children new skills. It is worth teaching a child to play from an early age with toys, for example educational ones. One good option is to buy your child his first jigsaw puzzle. It is a very good toy which can not only make your child’s time more pleasant but also teach him some important features. It influences the child’s perceptiveness, motor skills, concentration and perseverance. Assembling elements in bigger and bigger puzzle teaches to strive for a set goal. But which puzzle to choose for the first one?

First puzzles for the youngest

There are a few accepted rules which should be followed when choosing the first jigsaw puzzle. First of all, they should not be too difficult, so that the child does not get discouraged with this type of toy. A maximum of 4-piece puzzles is a good way to start. The child will learn the procedure and the whole principle of this toy, because although it is trivial for each of us adults, for children it is a complete novelty!
It is a very good idea for the parent to choose for the first jigsaw puzzle those with illustrations that the child is interested in. If you know that he/she likes animals – it is worth buying a jigsaw puzzle with animal icons, and if he/she likes space – spaceships will be a good option; and so on.

Types of puzzles

Nowadays, there are various types of jigsaw puzzles on the market, constructed from different materials and on different principles. The most popular and valued by customers include:
-Traditional puzzles – do not go out of fashion. They are sentimental and are often the first to be chosen
-Magnetic puzzles – they have a magnet in their structure at the back of the given element and are arranged on a special metal board. This attracts the puzzles to their designated places making it easier for toddlers to arrange them – good for the beginning!
-Foam puzzles – very safe for the youngest toddlers.