Juice detox does it work

USA cuisine is very heavy and the dishes we eat every day are often very fatty. After eating such a meal we feel sleepy, tired and the only thing we dream about is a nap. However, there is a solution for this – juice detox.
– As far as fruit and vegetable detoxes are concerned, we must first think about what they are supposed to do. If you lose weight yourself, this is the wrong approach to the problem, because detox is not a hunger strike, SetPoint nutrition advisor. Juice detox is designed to cleanse the body and support the liver in regeneration. It consists in taking only fluids during the whole diet. Thanks to such a diet, we introduce a large amount of minerals, vitamins and fiber in a pure form. Such a solution will give much better results than taking pills and dietary supplements.
Everyone can benefit from the juice detox. However, the condition is to do it sensibly and wisely. As explains, detox should last for a maximum of several days, because if you are not used to such a diet, it can cause a large amount of deficiencies in your body. You can’t go on a detox diet from day to day. You have to prepare yourself properly by using the elimination diet beforehand.