Interior design in the Hampton style

Hampton is actually the name of a seaside town located on Long Island (near New York). Since the residential buildings contained therein have specific properties, the name entered the interior design nomenclature as an expression of an arrangement style. It is characterised by a number of essential features, as set out below.
Determinants of the Hampton style
Hampton-style rooms are very cosy and relaxing. The dominant color is white and different shades of blue, just like in the Scandinavian style. In the background there are such colors as beige, écru, brown, as well as shades of gray and silver. Some furniture and various accessories are made of wood, most often wicker. Hampton style is also characterized by lamps with large bright shades of lampshade, as well as various patterns: bars, belts, arabesques, geometric shapes, floral motifs, zigzags, etc.. In rooms maintained in this style we can also find long curtains made of light fabrics, quilted pouffes, armchairs, large and comfortable sofas with plenty of decorative pillows, flowers in vases and carpets with Moroccan patterns that perfectly harmonize with the elements of classicism.
Glass and marine elements
The Hampton-style rooms must have glass, silver and other metals that reflect light and give the interior a unique character. Additions and decorations in maritime style also play an important role: shells, ornamented anchors, pearls in glass vases and so on. A sunbed in the living room or rattan furniture, which is usually placed in the garden, may also be a good idea. Elegant chests and chests may appear in the room as a coffee table.
Hampton is one of the leading design styles in the world today. It has a lot in common with the Scandinavian style, although it differs from the Scandinavian style in some respects. If comfort is a priority for you and you want your interior to be elegant – Hampton style will be a hit.