Interior design alone or with the help of a designer

Buying or building a house or apartment is only the beginning of the road you will have to travel before you move into your dream outlet. The second step will be to design and arrange the interior of our apartment.
This task is not the simplest, well arranged living space should not only look good and meet the tastes of the owners, but also be fully functional. If we are not sure of our skills or aesthetic taste, a professional can help us – namely an interior designer.
As everywhere, also in the interior design we have a few solutions to choose from. Of course, we can do everything on our own, we can fully rely on a professional or, as it were, join forces and cooperate closely with the designer in furnishing the apartment.
Which option we decide on should depend both on our own skills and the budget we have at our disposal. These are the most important advantages and disadvantages of each solution.
Usually it will work when the planned changes or renovations are small and simple. I would rather recommend this solution to people who have a lot of free time, patience, enthusiasm, and above all a sophisticated sense of aesthetics.
However, before we start to act independently, it is necessary to get an idea of the interior design and furnishing market, as well as to select a competent and professional construction team. Moreover, it is very important to find out how long we will have to wait for the ordered items (delivery time can be up to two months). Once we have the necessary knowledge, it will be good to create a schedule of work, as well as determine the order of ordered materials.
Probably the biggest advantage of such a solution is economy. Designers’ services are not the cheapest. In addition, we carry out repairs in accordance with our ideas and requirements, which does not mean that we do it well. And this is where the downsides of self-repair begin to reveal themselves. First of all, we shoulder the responsibility for any mistakes or shortcomings in the project; besides, we risk that the space will be misused and the whole interior less functional. Moreover, we choose all the subcontractors ourselves, so we can come across people who are dishonest or incompetent. It should also be remembered that this type of work requires a lot of time.
Share your work
The joint work of an investor and an architect has a chance of success, especially when we understand each other’s tastes and are able to reach a consensus. In this case, we can control both the work and the purchase of materials, but in many activities we are assisted by a designer, thanks to which we gain more time. We do not have to bother with looking for a construction team or ordering particular elements.
This solution has many advantages, the help of a professional can be invaluable, especially in the case of problematic parts of the interior. The designer takes over some of the duties and takes responsibility, so that we gain greater certainty that all the work will be done properly. We must not forget that professionals have not only the knowledge, but also an extensive network of contacts, so it is easier to find the necessary materials.
Unfortunately, there is nothing for free in life. The offer of interior design costs money, but it’s a cost that’s worth it. What is more, we have to accept the fact that the designer can often question our ideas or try to persuade us to give up some of the concepts.
Or maybe come “ready”?
The third option is to leave everything in the hands of a professional. After a few meetings, setting goals, priorities and tastes, and most importantly a budget, we can only wait until the work is finished.
Of course, a huge advantage of this solution is saving time and eliminating the problems connected with searching for a team and appropriate materials. However, such cooperation carries a certain risk. We are not sure that the final effect will hit our tastes one hundred percent. Therefore, it is very important to get acquainted with the designer and his achievements before establishing any cooperation.