Handles that welcome every cabinet

Furniture handles are found on the front of every cupboard in the house. They allow free access to the contents inside it, as well as protecting it from the elements. There are many types of furniture handles that will be chosen depending on the circumstances, tastes and surroundings.

Types of furniture handles

1. knobs – are single-point, symmetrical handles. They are divided into 3 subgroups:
a) small (up to 20mm) – often very nicely finished, although sometimes problematic. Namely, because of their size, they can be awkward to open – a finger grip and a firm pull can be awkward for older and young children
b) medium (20-40mm) – the most popular
c) large (>40mm) – a strong accent in the room, very convenient

2. elongated – the most numerous, very comfortable and functional. They are divided into shapes (e.g. CC, Y). Often used in bathrooms – you can hang a towel or umbrella on them. They fit both narrow and tall furniture because they can be fixed vertically and horizontally.

T-Bar – T-shaped. Can be single- or double-pointed. They are somehow a combination of knobs and long handles. Interestingly, when mounted vertically, they can be used as a clothes hanger – additional functionality is always at a premium!

4. edge – minimalist, unobtrusive, concealed, usually mounted at the back.

5. shell – as the name suggests, shell-shaped handles – attracted.

Recessed – require making a recess, hole in the furniture e.g. by milling, which means that they are not always useful e.g. when the customer does not want the furniture to be damaged. A definite advantage is the lack of protruding elements. These are very often used handles in sliding doors.

Kitchen cabinet handles – Furnica


In order to complete the type of handle to suit your needs you need to consider one more aspect – the appearance. Depending on the style the room is made in, the furniture handle should complement it. For example: Modern style – oblong or curved handles. Retro style – knob handles.
Furniture shops offer a wide range of options in this area – it is worth exploring the topic and choosing the right furniture handles to suit your tastes.