Furniture slides – how to make the right choice?

Drawers are an inseparable and very important element of our living space. We can meet them in practically every room. Thanks to them we can use the space very effectively. However, in order to use them comfortably, they must meet certain features. One of the most important elements of drawers are furniture slides. Thanks to them we can open and close drawers efficiently, which is particularly important in the kitchen, for example, because we have to reach for them very often when preparing meals. So choosing the right slides is very important and in order for it to run smoothly, you need to think about a few things first.

Drawer runners – load capacity

The guides have specific parameters. One of the basic parameters is the load capacity. If we plan to store heavy objects in a drawer, e.g. kitchen pots and pans, then we have to choose solid slides. Otherwise, they will not work smoothly (in the best arrangement) and may even bend or even crack. Replacing them can be very problematic, so it is better to avoid it and buy guides adapted to the weight of the items stored in the drawer.

Ejection degree

We can choose a full extension slide or different degrees of extension. Full extension is needed when the drawer is deep and otherwise we might have trouble getting into its deepest place. However, it should be remembered that when the slide is pulled out of the way, it may be easier to bend the slide if you put a heavy load on it. A half extension slide is a good solution in situations where the drawer is shallow. A compromise may be the choice of slides with an untypical extension level, adjusted to our preferences.

Types of furniture slides

We distinguish between two basic types. The first one is roller guides. They are usually characterized by a very low price and easy assembly. The disadvantages include small extension and low load capacity. We can choose them for the drawer for office accessories, but under no circumstances for the kitchen. The second type is ball-bearing slides. They are definitely more expensive and adapted to higher loads. In their case, the pull-out stage is also much higher. Usually high quality furniture is equipped with ball bearing slides. We can successfully use them in kitchen furniture.

Of course, we will also meet with additional functions. One of the most important is the cushioning on closing, which prevents crashing and shaking, as well as the push to open function, which allows you to open the drawer by gently pressing it.

The choice of drawer runners is directly relevant to our comfort. It is therefore worthwhile to approach it with more attention. High quality slides allow long and trouble-free use of furniture. It is not worth saving too much on them, because in the event of their failure it will be necessary to replace them and, as a result, buy high-quality slides anyway.