Furniture runners – an essential part of every efficient drawer

They set each drawer in motion making it possible to open them. Drawers are furniture found in virtually every room. When you pull them out you see two side structures, sometimes slightly protruding from the drawer – this is the main character of this article – the drawer runner. Nowadays drawers are much more convenient to use than deep cabinets or cupboards. Many slide mechanisms make everyday life easier and significantly speed up the use of drawers reducing human irritation. Imagine a situation where you want to pull out a particular item, but it’s at the very bottom of a deep cupboard – poor, right? For gymnastics, it’s better to go to the training room rather than into the depths of a cupboard. Drawer slides can be installed to slide outside the cabinet, revealing the inside of the drawer.

Types of runners

Nowadays there are many different types of slides available in furniture shops, varying in function and load capacity specifications. The most popular include:
-Ball slides – functionality and durability
Roller guides – easy to use and cost effective
-Bottom-mount slides – discreet and aesthetically pleasing

It should not be forgotten that each of the aforementioned characters can also feature additional functions to make life easier. These include the aforementioned full extension, silent closing, self-closing and push to open.


Roller slides are characterised by the easiest installation. They are also relatively cheap. Unfortunately, they also have disadvantages – their load capacity is small (up to 25kg) so they are often chosen for small desk drawers. They also have an unquestionable advantage – they are very quiet, which is why they are also chosen as elements of bedside cabinets in bedrooms or children’s rooms.

Ball-bearing slides are characterised by a much higher load capacity (up to 50kg). They are often chosen for cabinets containing heavier items.
Bottom-mounted runners – very often chosen for beautiful wooden drawers when you want to expose the entire drawer without any protruding parts. The runner is located on the surface of the bottom drawer, so it becomes invisible to others.