Furniture hinges – soft-close

Soft close cabinet hinges

The question of a quiet and delicate closure also has a significant influence on the assessment of the hinges’ functionality. Special systems slow down even the closing of doors. Many manufacturers of furniture accessories have introduced their own patented technologies in this area.

Soft close systems use shock absorbers, which slow down the movement of the front of the cabinet when closing it, preventing it from slamming. They can be attached to the hinge arm, screwed to the hinge cup or attached to the furniture rim. The closing force can be adjusted by means of a screw adjusted to the size and weight of the front. This type of solutions are a response to the needs of customers who are increasingly aware of and require modern furniture, in which technical innovations have been applied to facilitate the daily use of them. Quiet and gentle closing of doors in furniture has already become standard equipment.

Hinges must be aesthetically pleasing

The hinges usually remain in the shade of decors and eye-catching colours, but this does not mean that the hinges are not designed in the same way. As a visible element, the hinges must not have an accidental, unattractive form that would disfigure the interior of the furniture. The hinge is an integral part of the furniture, so the appearance must harmonize with its stylistics.

First of all, furniture technology is required to be effective. However, it cannot exist in isolation from furniture design, affecting the reduction of aesthetic values.  None of us would like to see a massive, unattractive hinge after opening the cabinet front, even if it worked flawlessly. Therefore, as a manufacturer of modern furniture accessories, we attach equally great importance to the appearance of our hardware.

Hinges also have an impact on the achievement of a uniform front surface. In order to keep up with the latest trends in design, many furniture manufacturers try to achieve the effect of a thin gap between the doors of the building, so that kitchen furniture or wall units form an almost smooth wall, without a clear division into fronts. This can be achieved by selecting the right hinges. The minimum gap is the necessary free space between the door and the sides of the body, necessary to open the door properly. The size of the minimum reveal depends on the cup distance, door thickness and the type of hinge selected.