Furniture handles – key to aesthetics

The overall appearance of many things very often depends on the smallest elements of the finish. A perfect example is the furniture in our homes. Furniture handles have an extremely important role in their aesthetics. They determine the final effect and even the most beautiful furniture will not look good with incorrectly selected handles. Ergonomics and functionality are also important. Furniture knobs are also the elements that usually get damaged and worn out first. Therefore, sometimes we are forced to buy handles and install them. It is a very simple and cheap way to refresh the look of our interiors. When making a purchase it is worth noting a few important aspects.

Furniture knobs – functionality versus style

The furniture handles combine two very important functions: aesthetics and ergonomics. When choosing these elements for frequently used rooms, e.g. kitchens, it is worth betting on comfort and durability. It is important that the size and shape enable efficient use of the furniture by all family members, including the youngest ones. Sometimes we can bake two roasts on one fire and furniture handles can also serve as e.g. towel hangers in the bathroom. In less frequently used rooms, we can afford more sophisticated designs, providing an attractive appearance and pushing functionality to the background. Before visiting the shop, it is worth checking which handles can be mounted in our furniture and how they can be mounted in our case. Pay attention to the selection of the right size of handles, adjusted to the plane on which they will be mounted. Handles that are too big or too small will not look good. The choice of colour is, of course, a matter of taste, but let’s not least adjust it to the furniture in our home. It’s best to prepare your own furniture colour pattern to see if the chosen combination will go well in the shop. There are a lot of materials to choose from in the shop. Brass, aluminium and other metals, wood, plastics and much more. Remember that they have a direct impact on the durability of the handle, resistance to scratches and abrasion under the influence of touch.

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Is it worth replacing the handles themselves?

Of course it is. If the condition of our furniture is good enough to use it for some time, replacement of such inconspicuous elements may cause their radical refreshment and change the appearance of our interior. We do not have to buy new furniture or even change its colour. The costs of furniture handles are not too high, and the simplicity of assembly makes it possible for each of us to replace them with new ones very quickly.