Furniture castors – what to choose for the table?

The table supplemented with furniture castors becomes very easy to use – it can be easily moved on the floor to quickly change its position without scratching the floor. Which castors should I choose for the table?

Furniture castors – an easy way to make a practical table

A table in the living room is a piece of furniture that often changes its position. It is moved to a sofa or an armchair, and is moved to clean up underneath it. When it has ordinary legs, it can draw the floor or damage the carpet. The solution is practical furniture castors – fixed to the table not only broaden its functionality, but can also give it a trendy look.

Furniture castors are a great match for modern style tables, but they can also be matched to those in the now fashionable industrial style, which is popular in loft interiors. They look good with both low tables and higher ones – also with models with additional shelves and drawers.

What kind of furniture castors should I choose for my table?

If you want to mount furniture castors to your table, it is necessary to choose the right type of these furniture accessories. The choice is considerable. What should you pay special attention to?

1. the diameter of the caster is given in fi

The larger the diameter, the easier the table can be moved. Large casters are most often chosen for loft tables, for example from pallets. Smaller ones, on the other hand, are easier to camouflage under minimalist furniture.

2. materials for casters

Metals, mainly stainless steel, as well as plastics, including rubbers, are used for production. Rubberised furniture casters are best suited for floor panels and parquet.

3. load capacity of the caster

It should be adapted to the weight of the furniture.

4 The wheel’s mobility

The wheel can only move forwards or backwards, but can also be rotated. Swivel castors make the furniture easier to manoeuvre in different directions.

5 Brake in the wheel

A practical brake will block the movement of the wheels so that the furniture will not move.

Step-by-step assembly of the castors to the table

Mounting the wheels to the table is not complicated. All you need is a furniture caster that matches the furniture, screws and a screwdriver.

First of all, you should mark the places where the furniture casters are to be mounted – it is best to mark the points where the screws are to be placed with a pencil. Then use a screwdriver and tighten the castors to the legs or underside of the worktop.

Therefore, furniture casters can give your table additional functionality – they will make it much easier to use and at the same time give it an attractive look. The assembly can be done by yourself!

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