Durability at every step

Furniture products should be characterised by considerable resistance to faults and mechanical damage. After all, they store the owner’s valuables, so it would be good if, in addition to their functionality and appearance, they protected them properly. Drawers are rectangular or square pieces of furniture that move on special slides in two directions. Drawers are usually built of wood, however recently interesting metalbox drawers have entered the market. As the name itself suggests metal is an important element of their construction.

Metalbox drawers – appearance and characteristics

To give everyone an idea of metalbox drawers it is worth to imagine a “normal” drawer. Instead of wooden sides they are simply metal and they also have a built-in slide ensuring smooth and free movement of the drawer. A very big advantage is the fact that the metal sides are much narrower than the wooden sides, to which the runners still have to be fitted. Thanks to this the drawer will have more space for different types of items than it would be the case with drawers made entirely of wood. An additional advantage is that good and strong wood costs a lot – metalboxes are a cheaper option, therefore it can be said that they are available for every pocket. Their most important advantage is the high resistance to damage, which means that the inside of the drawer may be very well protected. Additionally, the assembly of such a metal box is very simple, thanks to which they are an increasingly popular choice. No additional phone calls and asking professionals for assembly is at a premium. However, there are some disadvantages which may tip the scales when choosing the type of your drawer. Because metalbox type drawers are quite noisy. Practically at every insertion and withdrawal of the drawer you can hear them quite strongly. In addition, they cannot be fitted with certain functional accessories such as a silent closing system, so be careful when pushing the drawer to the end of the furniture body, so as not to bruise it. Such bumping can cause unpleasant noise, but also a threat to objects inside the drawer.


How to answer the question whether a metalbox drawer is just for me? You should analyse all the advantages and disadvantages. If disadvantages such as noise and softness when closing the drawer are not so terrible, then you can definitely lean towards a metalbox drawer and be satisfied with your purchase in the future.