Drawers – furniture elements found in every room

Drawers are a very important accessory present in every house in a considerable number. In everyday life we do not even pay attention to how many times we open and close the drawers. In order to make this possible, drawers are equipped with furniture runners. These are specially constructed “rails” that form the rails of each drawer along which they will move. Among other things, a drawer has the task of storing certain items, but it also often constitutes a design element of a given room. To ensure it blends in well with the desired atmosphere it is worth using bottom-mounted furniture slides.

Bottom-mounted slides – stealth and elegance rolled into one

Bottom-mounted furniture slides have revolutionised their segment of the furniture market. Thanks to them it is possible to design a harmonious environment with attention to even the smallest detail. This is done through the presence of a runner underneath each drawer. Through such a procedure there are no mounted additions on the sides of the opened drawers, which are uniform in this place. Otherwise, the use of classic slides could see silver elements in these places, which could ruin the composition of the room. With bottom-mounted runners, you have to bend down under the entire drawer to see them – so no one in the room will notice.
However, bottom mounting slides are not the only interesting slide modifications available on Furnica’s website. Another interesting mechanism is the full extension, which makes deep and long drawers easier for anyone to use. They are much appreciated in workplaces where such drawers are literally filled to the brim. With the full extension, specific items can be pulled out even from the very end of the drawer surface without too much gymnastics. This is very convenient and makes work in places such as offices with lots of drawers much more efficient.


The conclusion is simple – drawer slides such as bottom mount slides are ideally suited for use in rooms with a neat composition. Furnica makes its slides with attention to every detail of construction, so they are sure to be a good and durable option for years of use.
Installation is also worth mentioning – in the case of bottom-mounted slides, it’s worth seeking advice from a professional who can certainly handle their placement on the bottom surface of the drawer. This will give you a guarantee that they have been assembled correctly and will perform their function well for a long time.