Drawer slides – which is the most durable and effective?

Furniture runners are accessories which enable proper functioning of any drawer. In more detail, they allow the drawer to slide freely in and out of its housing ensuring its smooth and free movement along tracks created by the runners. They keep the drawer inside the cabinet intact. However, different furniture slides should be chosen for different drawers and individual customer requirements. The slides that are used in the toughest conditions are ball bearing slides.

Ball-bearing slides – function and strength in one

Ball-bearing slides are either metal or aluminium and are the strongest options in the range. Due to this they are the choice for drawers holding a large number of bulky items. They have a load capacity of over 50kg, which means they can accommodate quite a lot of thick papers, books and also auxiliary items used even in various factories. For the latter it is particularly important that they are resistant to temperature conditions and will not change their shape when exposed to higher temperatures. Ball slides, as the name suggests – are made of special nylon balls, thanks to which it is possible to move the drawer flawlessly. However, they are not visible to the naked eye as they are inside the slide body. You can just hear them.
But ball-bearing slides aren’t just about strength and durability – they’re also about functionality that will delight you and make using drawers easier than ever! The silent close option is extremely interesting – when a drawer closes too firmly to the furniture body, you can often hear an unpleasant slamming sound that can bring everyone in the house to their feet. In the morning or late at night, where drawers are used, this can cause sleep disruption to housemates and their rightful annoyance. That’s why the silent closure has been created especially for them! It allows the drawer to stop before it reaches the end of its travel and slowly glide soundlessly into the furniture. Another interesting feature is push to open, which will allow you to open the drawer without using your hands or the handles – even with your foot! This is ideal for people who have full hands but want to use a drawer.


A good runner ensures that drawers are easy to use. A ball bearing slide from Furnica will meet the requirements of the pickiest of customers and keep it functioning for a long time.