Drawer runners with silent closing

Slamming drawers are the nightmare of many block residents (not only them, anyway), but also of people with small children or people who, for various reasons, feel bad in noise. Of course, you can learn to close the drawers quietly, although it is always difficult to remember this and we have no influence on the neighbours from behind the wall. Luckily, thanks to special slides, there are drawers with quiet closing.

Drawer runners with silent closures – how do they work?

Silent closures work exactly the same as other slides, but with a slight difference. Part of the runner is curved in a characteristic way so that the drawer does not crack when closing. The slides can be mounted in any type of furniture, although they are most recommended for use in places where the drawers are used very intensively, such as in kitchen cabinets. Thanks to them it is possible to significantly reduce noise at home.

What to remember when installing drawers?

When installing all types of guides – regardless of their construction – it should be remembered that for them to work properly it is necessary to install them correctly. The guides should therefore be mounted with precision. On both sides of the drawer they must be installed in talcasins in the same way, thanks to which they will work evenly. This will prevent the drawer from jamming when the slides on both sides are in a slightly different position.

It is also worth remembering that slides of this type may also differ significantly both in terms of construction and the materials used in their production. Today, steel and aluminium guides are in use, as well as ball bearing and plastic rollers. In general, steel slides are considered to be more durable and are recommended for installation in drawers subject to higher loads. Rails fitted with plastic rollers are more susceptible to wear and therefore, in order to ensure the highest possible durability of the furniture, models fitted with bearing balls are recommended.

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